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RtI Applies to Gifted Too: Interventions at the Tip of the Triangle





Position Paper on RtI for Gifted Learners

Council for Exceptional Children-TAG Division endorsed by the National Association for Gifted Children


Articles of Interest

Valuing Growth for All Students - blog post

RtI for Nurturing Giftedness

RTI for Gifted? Are You Sure?!?!? - blog post

Reading Instruction for Talented Readers - Reis, et. al.


Fordham Institute

High-Achieving Students in the Era of NCLB

Do High-Flyers Maintain Their Altitude?



Iowa Department of Education RtI page

Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration visit this link to download "A Nation Deceived" the Templeton Foundation report on academic acceleration

National Association for Gifted Children

Council for Exceptional Children TAG Division

Montana RtI and Gifted and Talented Education



The New RtI: Response to Intelligence by Penny Choice and Sally Walker

RtI for Gifted Students by Mary Ruth Coleman and Susan Johnsen

RtI for the Gifted Student by Cecelia Boswell and Vowery Dodd Carlile

Standards-Based Activities and Assessments for the Differentiated Classroom by Carolyn Coil

Colorado RtI triangle

Mindset: an interview with Carol Dweck


Assessment Considerations

  • Use post assessment to preassess - course or unit
  • Test above level
  • Employ inventories, rating scales, observations, and checklists.
  • Use performance assessments - the more open-ended the better.
  • Trust the data!
  • Cast a wide net using multiple data sources

Sample Assessments


     Strong vs. Gifted Readers - from Literature Links by Teresa Smith Masiello

     SRBCSS Reading

     Reading Assessments for Advanced Readers


     Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test (given at an earlier age to determine readiness for algebraic concepts)

     Sousa Math Scale - from How the Gifted Brain Learns


Strategies for Gifted

Matching Strategy to Need - Bertie Kingore

Strategies for Universal, Targeted, and Intensive Tiers - from The NEW RtI: Response to Intelligence, p. 102-4

Strategies to Challenge Talented Readers - Reis, et. al. UConn

Strategies for Advanced Primary Readers - Bertie Kingore

Curriculum Compacting

     "Curriculum Compacting: A Necessity for Academic Advancement" - Del Siegle, University of Connecticut

     The Compactor - Samples .ppt

     Most Difficult First - a beginning compacting strategy

Tiered Assignments

     Tiered Curriculum Project - Indiana Department of Education

     Anatomy of a Tiered Lesson

     Critical Questions About Tiered Lessons

Grouping Arrangements

     Cluster grouping


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